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I wanna see it when you find out what comets, stars, and moons are all about

November 30, 2009

lately, been listening to “Built to Spill”. the boonies were great. i practiced stick-shift driving on my aunt’s red miata. it snowed in the forrest. here are some pictures of upstate, and then misc. gil talked about how he drank moonshine when he was in alabama at 17. what does this fortune cookie mean: “when pushed, love digs in its heels”?


uncovering nyc secrets through window watching

November 24, 2009

i like the song ‘machine’ by anni rossi, and ‘peach and yellow’ by peggy honeywell

galicia, asturias, cantabria, pais vasco, navarra, aragon, cataluna

November 24, 2009

this is the band that opened, little joy/ grogs

in a forest with fireworks, brownies, rabits on the field and a champagne supernova of stars revolving over us.

November 23, 2009
 i think blink 182 and jamie t will never get old
 i love going to the beach and sitting on the shore and sinking my feet in. 
i think canada is more civilized than the US. vancouver was beautiful. 
i believe my body is a temple and it likes ‘blubree’ scones and thai food and dumplings especially. 
my mom calls me ‘little seal’ in spanish and my dad calls me ‘angel’.
crickets scare me. 

falo moy poquino galego mas penso que e unga lengua moy bonita. 
once at beth’s house we were jumping on her bed and my hair almost cought on to the spinning fan on the ceiling. 
the weirdest thing ive ever eaten i think is jellyfish
i like when you feel pure and real and thinking ‘yes, this is my life’
my favorite color is coral
johnsons pasture with my friends.
i think swimming is exactly like flying, so i’m blessed with being able to under-water fly.

and be happy you’re breathing.

these two poems are by charles chase:

joy of life

being here
living learning
loving sharing
with the many
life will be
my one great time
my only time
to feel the greatest joy
our being alive

not the same

i am not the same
as any other human
i am born free to be
a different one
as is everyone
not like any other
there has ever been
or ever there will be
so now it’s up to me
to save in words
my different feelings
and my different thoughts
for i am born free to be
separate and distinct
a joyous member
of all earth’s family


November 23, 2009

 these are the ‘warriors of brazil’. on another note, i’ve lately been listening to sublime, tim armstrong, and operation ivy very very loudly.

today’s monday

November 23, 2009

the concert was really nuts and really fun. devendra was so psychedelic and melodic. the opening band, the grogs, were really great too. OH! And we went to Coney Island yesterday! It was cold, but sunny and there’s really nothing like scrunching sand inbetween your toes. and the boardwalk/dock reminded me of Little Miss Sunshine

i am going to a devendra banhart concert tonight

November 22, 2009

“at the Hop” is a nice music video of his.  isn’t that cool how its a bubble popping?!

i had this beautiful encounter on the subway. a man was playing jambe drum and singing ‘stand by me’ by ben e king. and it was so charming and sweet and soulful.  so i smiled at him and that moment i felt like i knew why i was in new york city.

i decided to make a blog today and charles and kassidy said i should.

November 22, 2009

 this is bora bora, an island. maybe one day kass and i will go!

November 22, 2009

i thought it was pretty tight

Hello world!

November 22, 2009

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!