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carrot cake with home made creamcheese frosting

December 27, 2009

these are photos of the pamir mountains in tajikistan, new york times. i would like to live there for a summer like a nomad.

next is a photo of bob dylan. i have been listening to him and johnny cash’s work did he get his hair like that? and is it  just me, or have joan baez and my dear friend, beth town stood in the same spot contemplating vastness?


st bernards/cocker spaniels

December 20, 2009

blizzard in nyc today, 77 degrees here in claremont today. so anyways this is washington square park, where i live.

GREAT NEWS, JUST IN: i feel like this song

what did i notice when i first got home? the palmtrees, the rivers of light at night on the freeway, the tissue-paper pinks and purples of the expansive sky when the sun sets.

never had an anxiety attack i think until college.and here is a low-impact woodland house in wales, UK where…it would be cool to live.

i want this toaster

“llegan las vacaciones: una naranja pelada”

December 14, 2009

this is sol, a 9 year old graffiti artist stationed in london. is she cooler than most 9 year olds? i’m not sure yet.  and next are two pictures are from “he and she photography” and i thought they were charming..and here is a picture taken a year ago. on the first day of the new year we go swimming in the atlantic ocean -noon sharp! can you feel the cold?

castilla la mancha, extremadura, andalucia

December 11, 2009

saw terrific film today in my seminar class. insightful, thought-provoking, and very emotional.  like most films about the israeli-palestinian conflict. but this has been my favorite. . the innocence of jerusalem is fascinating.

it was 22 degrees walking to class today, but according to ‘feels like 7’, and i’m gonna havta agree. it was cold. last night had an epiphany and felt strong and happy and i love new yorker covers. oh! and am reading ‘island of dr. moreau’ and am enjoying it because of it’s message about social norms and rebellion.

midsummer night’s dream/ghost-ride the whip

December 7, 2009

“…y toda mi infancia viene a mi memoria envuelta en una gloria de amapolas y cereales.” What a beauitful quote, Garcia Lorca! It means “…and all my childhood comes to my memory wrapped in the glory of poppies and cereal.”  Saturday night it snowed and we were stuck in a windtunnel, tears in our eyes from laughter as our umbrellas spun out of control and collapsed.  longing for a rooftop and a claremont sycamore tree.

i think i just let the potential love of my life walk right past. he was clothed in alpaca from head to waistthese are some memories from my hometown and here’s a picture from yonderyear


December 3, 2009

ever since i saw this, ‘mi principessa unica’ seems like the most romantic thing to say! this is beth and i, by the claremont railroad tracks a year or two ago. this is a man dressed up as a gladiator at the colosseum smoking a cigarette. and lastly, cat stevensbelow is ‘la punta norte’, the northern most tip of spain. i went swimming


December 1, 2009

:. i thought about my friends, and the beach and union square, christmas and discounts, toads vs frogs. excerpt from my fave movie: . and sarah palin disgusts me. sometimes, you just gotta stick with the classics:

ginko leaves

December 1, 2009

i’m currently thinking about the spanish civil war and how the aftermath fueled a brainwash of women. if i remember correctly from stories and readings, during franco’s dictatorship, young spanish women, straight after highschool, had to go through a year or so of ‘womanly training’. think of it as a very conservative and religious study abroad. where you learn how to cook and clean and be a good wife and mother; afterall, these are the only things that a woman serves for. my mom got kicked out of it when she refused to peel an orange with knife and fork. i highly recommend ‘courtship customs in postwar spain’ by martin-gaite if it interests you. this is john lurie on the left, what a hunk. and below, is my dad looking pensive.