castilla la mancha, extremadura, andalucia

saw terrific film today in my seminar class. insightful, thought-provoking, and very emotional.  like most films about the israeli-palestinian conflict. but this has been my favorite. . the innocence of jerusalem is fascinating.

it was 22 degrees walking to class today, but according to ‘feels like 7’, and i’m gonna havta agree. it was cold. last night had an epiphany and felt strong and happy and i love new yorker covers. oh! and am reading ‘island of dr. moreau’ and am enjoying it because of it’s message about social norms and rebellion.

One Response to “castilla la mancha, extremadura, andalucia”

  1. Laura Says:

    it’s funny that you posted a picture of MBW graffiti art. POST BANKSY ART! NOT MBW! I just watched ‘Exit Through The Gift Shop” and I think you should check it out (it’s on netflix instant!) and then you’ll know why i say this. 😉

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