time to be moved.

steve mccurry photos are jaw dropping. this is lebanon.

ok now i will touch on other subjects. like the song by tom waits called “Eggs And Sausage (In A Cadillac With Susan Michelson)” in which he lists breakfast foods and what it’s like to be a rusty tom waits, sitting in a classic diner contemplating the lingering and burning memories “the touch of your fingers”. how romantic!

eggs and sausage and a side of toast
coffee and a roll, hash browns over easy
chile in a bowl with burgers and fries
what kind of pie?

was blown away by this movie and after watching 3/4 of it i layed in bed and thought about all the things i wanted to paint today

One Response to “time to be moved.”

  1. Jenny Han Says:

    Wow, Steve McCurry is really great. Thanks for enlightening me!

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