stand by me and i’ll be fine

i remember feeling drawn in by enticing songs

i remember his gray eyes

i remember time stopped and nothing else existed

life was harmony

i remember feeling nervous

i remember the sound of the rain

i remember driving home

i remember rolling over a stop

i remember longing

i remember the sounds of LAX international airport

i remember eavesdropping on people’s conversations

i remember the excitement and thrill of getting a text

i remember the night in the jakuzzi

i remember white wine

i remember looking at the stars and a palmtree

i remember trust

i remember hoping for more

i remember saying goodnight and holding and humming inside

i remember creases on hands

i remember comfort in eyes

i remember eyebrows and eyelashes

i remember sweaty palms

i remember sitting/laying/standing/gazing

i remember feeling content and at rest

i remember putting my hand under the cold pillow

i remember the minutes before falling asleep

and then falling asleep.

listening to new vampire weekend and “in the devil’s territory” by sufjan stevens and “sunset soon forgotten” by iron and wine.

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