my mom left today

beautiful, infinite moment: we sat two hours in washington square, freezing our butts on the cold stone benches, but warming our hearts and face and thighs with the brightest sunshine i’ve seen in awhile. it broke 40 and i hadn’t seen so many people basking in the sun at the park since october. the man who has the piano rolled it over and started playing ‘here comes the sun’ followed by chopin and then some coldplay. beautiful day, melting snow, and i already miss my mom.

here are some lyrics directed towards my special someone: ” ”

Put me in your dry dream or put me in your wet
If you haven’t yet, no if you haven’t yet
Light me with your candle and watch the flames grow high
No it doesn’t hurt to try, it doesn’t hurt to try

Well I won’t stop all of my pretending that you’ll come home
You’ll be coming home, someday soon

Put me in your blue skies or put me in your gray
There’s gotta be someway, there’s gotta be someway

” “

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