bran muffin!

very very good day today. list form:

1. walked 65 blocks up to italian restaurant with dad. BEAUTIFUL walk. mild weather and melting snow and watching the neighborhoods change. ate delicious pasta with walnut sauce and admired elderly new yorker women sitting next to us; dressed to impress in pearls, jems, and endearing words about being 85 in this city.(current musical obsessions=elvis perkins, the strange boys, king khan & the bbq show, sonny & the sunsets, and au revoir simone.)

2. went to a shoe-repair store and spend 2o minutes talking to man who looked like biggie smalls but maybe not as big. he was hilarious and gave hearty advice: sing whenever you want and you will feel better “you know im sayin you feelin bad, havin a bad day, you hum a tune you feel better girl!” amen to that. and he was so charming and funny with me and my dad. he insisted “you from california you too soft. you too slow out there on that coast! being all chill and relaxed ain’t normal man, y’all don’t get upset about no thing.” also, true wisdom. “here in new york city we are outspoken.” i think i am pretty outspoken and outgoing. he was originally from charleston and moved to NYC at 5.

3. walked down to grand central station, went to our favorite tapas bar on broome. broome street is my new favorite street. cannot wait to live there in one of those beautiful gritty buildings above a laundromat with beautiful rusting fire escapes. it is dotted with trendy bars and local chinese joints and a cool small art gallery with photos of all this world architecture: from a hut in namibia to a trailer in tokio. and also photographs of the punk scene in nyc cbgbs (debbie harry/the ramones). and after a yummy meal including jamon serrano and octopus and more spanish delacacies, we went to go see “the art of the steal” at the IFC. this movie was riveting and gave me an enlightened view on not only the barnes foundation, but what the essence of art is, the power of money, and what it really means to be against the establishment.

tomorrow will be just as delightful. last question: have you ever kissed in a taxi cab?

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