i colored for 2.5 hours.

and this was the product: it shows a relationship. ANYWAYSSSSS today was beautiful and i think it hit 55 and i sat on a bench for 3 hours in the park and basked and read the american nonrequired series. and i felt so good as the sun infiltrated and i listened to people and watched characters and facial expressions and witnessed moments.

“going back” by devendra banhart is a great song!

but still, why am i in an unbalanced relationship? the teeter totter. i seemed to gravitate towards those

4 Responses to “i colored for 2.5 hours.”

  1. rosie Says:

    you may feel at the high end of the teeter totter but the other end may move forward, upward, and balance you out, even at the distance

  2. olayabarr Says:

    all i needed 🙂

  3. olayabarr Says:

    that’s a creepy smiley

  4. Kassidy Says:

    Well I finally started to look at your blog. And I love the picture you colored. It’s beautiful. I am going to keep browsing through all your entries now.

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