this is the story of a girl

named beth. this blog entry is dedicated to you. after i hung up the phone with you i thought about how great you are and how good of a friend you are and how you understand me and how we laugh at the same assholes at chs and how you make me feel like a million bucks and your cat tippy toes and laying on your white sheets and the california sunshine shines on us and how youve always been there when ive had problems and you are honest and comforting which is the best thing a friend can be and how you guide me in the right direction and how you support me when guys are being stupid. stupid guys. remember how in freshman year we would remind ourselves: “rule of thumb:guys are dumb”. classic. and i miss sitting on that bench after my art class senior year and i would tell you about the fight that happened where this little hispanic boy punched this little indian boy in the middle of the watercoloring lecture and there was blood everywhere and we’d talk about the party from last weekend and mr glavin and his smile and sometimes we’d eat scones together on that bench and you’d come and chill with me in photography and speaking of which, you have always supported me in photography. and how many times have you heard me cry and sob on the phone? and how many times have you seen me laugh with tears in my eyes? and how many times have you and i eaten at saka’s and 42nd st bagel and sat in the grass in the colleges and at somecrust? how how many times has our friendship just made sense and you understand everything and when everyone else is freakin annoying and everything in this world is stupid you make sense. and ‘holland’ and ‘two-headed boy’ by neutral milk hotel are my current re-discovered favorites.

One Response to “this is the story of a girl”

  1. rosie Says:

    mm you’re not the only one crying! tippy toes is only doing that for good nature.

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