a windy, windy, day.

-the perks of having tori as a roommate is that i get to live vicariously through her spontaneity: got to shave 1/4 of her head the other day and accompany her to get tattoos.

-so, i have noticed an unusual amount of girls come back from spring break with an orange glow (clearly, tanning booths and spray-on tans have flourished over break)

-i felt guilty about eating peanut butter and a grip of cookies and i started talking to tori about body image and societal pressures to be slim; it is a recent development that skinniness should be considered “in,” fashionable, and sexy. the female sex symbols from decade to decade have evolved drastically…..from obese to fair (greta garbo) to submissive to tan (beyonce, jlo, etc.) to thin(kate moss) to voluptuous (betty page, marilyn monroe) to busty (jayne mansfield, pam anderson) to daring (lady gaga, madonna) to weak to docile to innocent (britney spears) to foreign (penelope cruz) to dominating. a huge variety evolving throughout the time (and cultures…a whole other story). i like marlene dietrich as a sex symbol because she smoked cigarettes and challenged gender roles subtly by wearing top hats and suits.  i think the skin and bones of our generation is demeaning. and i think my favorite view of beauty and lust is from 19th century paintings…and 20th century too i suppose. the reason is because the women are so beautiful and serene, comfortable in their skin and muscle and fat and i adore this. it is natural and it is maternal and it is soft and i think very wholesome. so i rather live up to the expectation of a art. paint strokes are quite flattering anyways

3 Responses to “a windy, windy, day.”

  1. rosie Says:

  2. Rachel Says:

    eat those cookies, girl!

  3. radmazin Says:

    it makes me happy that you can write this with such sincerity. thank you.

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