“take the d trail down to bay parkway”

and i did and i saw the coast and the water crashing on rocks and you know how i like that. on the subway ride back i listened to this song: . i curled up by the window. i asked “is this manhattan bound?”. guy with  blue eyes said “didn’t you see the flashing red sign that said ‘manhattan’?” “what?” i responded. “yes, it is.” he was quiet and then said “you are pretty.” “what?” “i said your pretty. your eyes. beautiful brown eyes” he said. then he got off. leaning on the window i looked down at the streets below, nostalgic as CA freeway drives at night. i feel infinite on this subway, invincible. sweet comforting nostalgia of being in transit…plane  rides, drives with red lights passing, and now an orange seat back to w. 4th st. station. my toes are cold but i’m content. i got to see my atlantic ocean today and that makes it a good day. i look down on the street and i saw an orthodox jewish brooklyn, a domincan and a chinese one.  i love the moment when you are in a subway, you are moving parallel to another subway car and you make eye contact with someone before your car pulls forward and that’s the end of it. eye contact always thrills me.

One Response to ““take the d trail down to bay parkway””

  1. radmazin Says:

    yes yes yes

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