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a boy

April 30, 2010

i got to know the son of don quixote last night:

he has silk and rich skin,

holds secrets within.

inquisitive eyes

cover a guise

of a boy inside

swept aside:

to a forest of green

in a bronx ravine.

it sounded like night, with midnight lights fluterring

twinkling, whispering, touching, feeling, being,

the midnight lights: these fluttering butterflies.

we feel their wings flapping,

the breeze through the windows ajar.

we see the butterfly wings when we gaze out,

the glass and the yellow and the white and the green.

we hear the vibration of these wings

as the gleaming buzz of the nyc air

filters in to our beautiful night.

and a boy who drinks a glass of whole milk everyday, who’s favorite animal is the bear; this type of guy is good for me.


move your fingertips

April 28, 2010

so, i’ve been thinking: how great would it be to completely detach yourself from material goods? to be fully aware of your own mortality? to be fully selfless, free of insecurities, inhibitions, anxieties provoked by the worries of past and present? during times of disaster and chaos, it has been proved that a type of “paradise” arises where instead of pandemonium and turmoil recklessly reeking havoc, optimism, confidence, and the true appreciation of life prevail in individuals. if i start thinking of every day as ‘one more lucky day on earth,’ i might get one step closer.and top it off with an ironic piece of art that i enjoy:

a poem i am thinking of as i write

April 26, 2010

piel de miel y castanas,

ojos azules y agudos.

la noche interminable,

y la luz que entra de la ventana.

from your lips i heard you say

can i have you?

i said you do

i said you do.

1234 tell me that you love me more

April 26, 2010

brooklyn warehouse party was best most infinite thing ever. and the bronx zoo was tight!and i have this story that a friend recounted: he was in an elevator with bill murray. just the two of them, going down from a high high building. bill murray was silent, staring straight ahead the entire elevator ride, arms crossed. and then right before the door opens on floor M, bill murray put him in a headlock, gave him a noogie and yelled ‘YOU’RE FRIENDS WILL NEVER BELIEVE YOUUUUUU!!!!!’ and stepped out of the elevator. now, that, my dear, is a good story.and newly discovered graffiti artist, macay:

dedicated to graffiti

April 23, 2010

so yesterday, on my way to the sunshine theater to see “exit through the giftshop” i saw across the street a huge shepard fairey mural…and somebody was plastering it on. we crossed the street and it was him! we met shepard fairey, good moment! he was friendly and had graying hair. i felt like i was in the presence of a true talent!

the film was a super documentary. not only was it about urban art and the risk and creativity behind it -very impressive- but it profiled the life of a very bizarre and curious man. overall, funny and inspiring.

NOW for some female graffiti artists: malicia from spain

swoon i think she is a new yorkerand the french fafi:

i’ve had it up to my ass with sedate

April 22, 2010

says thelma in thelma and louisei’d like to adopt geena davis’ style in this movie. high cropped pants and cut off t-shirts, sun hats and bandannas. i’m not a big fan of praying mantis, but after watching this stop-motion video..i am!

dessert vs. desert

April 20, 2010

the way i learned the different spelling was that “dessert” has two “s”‘s because you want two of them.

obsession of the day:

and yet another! what i want to do right now

yellow tail white wine

April 18, 2010

the joy and therapy of dancing is universal, let’s not forget.can you imagine the sensation? of floating idly, peacefully with the largest animal on earth. like in spacei might have to learn to be less liberal with my honest confessions, with my giving away and exposing some dire vulnerability! letting someone in is the easiest for me but it has some tough and negative consequences like: desperation, anxiety, and feeling dumb. but it has some positive consequences: honesty makes me feel good and liberated and free, it is empowering and raw and few have the guts/”cojones” to say what i might whisper to you. and that’s just my approach to life.

it’s murky outside but i am pretty warm inside

April 17, 2010

new obsession:

i love speaking my spanish with a galician accent

and when the night seems cloudy, know i will be there baby

April 16, 2010

went to the brooklyn botanical gardens today, i loved it. i gazed in awe at the sakaru cherry blossoms.  and tulips like i’ve never seen in my life. ok so i was reading reflections on gandhi by george orwell, and a certain passage struck me. mr. fischer asked gandhi about ww2, “being a strong pacifisit, what is your take on the jewish extermination? how do you propose to save them without resorting to war?” his answer appalled me and left me with my jaw dropped. according to the 1938 interview with mr. fischer, gandhi’s view “was that the german jews ought to commit collective suicide, which ‘would have aroused the world and the people of germany to hitler’s violence.’ after the war he justified himself: “the jews had been killed anyway, and might as well have died significantly.” free to interpretation, but i find it extremely unsettling coming from the epitome and icon of saintliness one day i will be lucky enough to get a boy who likes to give as much as i do  and i like the boys who comb fingers through my hair “who’s to say a star is not a freckle on the face of a giant?”