a weekend

i met ryan mcginley who is my new obsession/inspiration. . . more and more to soothe your soul. he manages to take portraits of nudes without being all erotic and overly ‘titulating’ (as my mother would say) the female models; he gives as much fragility and fluidity and soft and natural and comfort in their skin and airiness and youth as the body deserve to have.i want to be this person in the fieldso you get the picture…pun intended… he is my muse for portraiture. here is a portrait i took on friday of daniel gootnick and marie stotz:and that is me and marie at central park. i saw antony from antony and the johnsons walking down the street on thursday! i had a picnic in central park and absorbed the sunshine for 5 hours and laughed so hard with tears in my eyes. i watched a boy and grandfather rowing a boat together in central park and i took photos and i love the sun. on my mind:what pleasure

One Response to “a weekend”

  1. Maria Says:

    “Titillating” es la palabra, no me gustan las fotos de desnudos que solo sirven precisamente para “titillate” a los espectadores.

    Yo me acuerdo siempre de las buenas noches que nos hemos dado toda la vida. Y me acuerdo tambien de como me saludaba mi madre cuando la llamaba por telefono: “hola, marquesa”.


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