two love letters.

dear jamie-t,

i first set eyes on you at age 14, and since then my incessant love for you has only increased like a flame with splashed oil. with each new song of yours, and each google-images search, i fall more in more in love with you. i love the gap in your teeth. i love your gritty grimy brit accent. your music is pure poetry and it makes me feel like things make sense; there’s probably no song of yours i am not infatuated with. you put in words and beats and melodies the moments i like to witness and dwell upon. i admire you as a fellow artist.

look forward to the day we cross paths,


dear john lurie,

even though you are probably in your 60s now, i want you to know that you were like the hottest thing ever in jarmusch’s movies. primarily down by law and stranger than paradise. i think you have beautiful cheek bones and i think the way you walk and the way you pout your lips is great. as a pimp in down by law you are fantastic. you make me melt, that’s all.

cordially yours,


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