likes and dislikes

this is what i want, what i yearn. everything encapsulated in this photo. the sea, the hills, the posture, the bike, the boy, the boy’s posture, the girl’s smile, her hair waving.

my likes:

-androgynous asian girl wearing mostly black and brown, black hat, and glasses, short hair

-freshly baked anything (french bread, berry pies, gooey cookies, steamy potatoes, etc.)

-spontaneous activity

-sustaining eye contact with strangers

-walking on the nyc highline, hand holding, spanish beers..these all seem to fall together

-reminiscing and looking at the way the hair grows on his head

-chuckles and your/his/their smile/s

-when someone says your name when they’re talking to you.

-wilderness walks, the smell of claremont and dust in lungs

(many more)

my dislikes:

-the way that girl walks in those big clumpy shoes

-when i feel i ate too much indian food

-when i’m driving my dad’s stick shift and it stalls

-chewing with mouth open

-having to feed incessantly somebody’s ego

(few more)

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