yellow tail white wine

the joy and therapy of dancing is universal, let’s not forget.can you imagine the sensation? of floating idly, peacefully with the largest animal on earth. like in spacei might have to learn to be less liberal with my honest confessions, with my giving away and exposing some dire vulnerability! letting someone in is the easiest for me but it has some tough and negative consequences like: desperation, anxiety, and feeling dumb. but it has some positive consequences: honesty makes me feel good and liberated and free, it is empowering and raw and few have the guts/”cojones” to say what i might whisper to you. and that’s just my approach to life.

3 Responses to “yellow tail white wine”

  1. marie Says:


  2. radmazin Says:

    i feel you, girl. i always feel like i’m revealing too much.

  3. avells Says:

    Olaya your blog makes me : )

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