a boy

i got to know the son of don quixote last night:

he has silk and rich skin,

holds secrets within.

inquisitive eyes

cover a guise

of a boy inside

swept aside:

to a forest of green

in a bronx ravine.

it sounded like night, with midnight lights fluterring

twinkling, whispering, touching, feeling, being,

the midnight lights: these fluttering butterflies.

we feel their wings flapping,

the breeze through the windows ajar.

we see the butterfly wings when we gaze out,

the glass and the yellow and the white and the green.

we hear the vibration of these wings

as the gleaming buzz of the nyc air

filters in to our beautiful night.

and a boy who drinks a glass of whole milk everyday, who’s favorite animal is the bear; this type of guy is good for me.

One Response to “a boy”

  1. Kelsey Keough Says:

    i like like love this olaya barr!

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