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May 30, 2010

this is from the french new wave film, “breathless.”¬†one day in santa monica. then a day in laguna. then a day in pasadena. then a day at balboa beach. the never ending sunshine of california-honestly, i couldn’t be happier.and a couple pictures from my weekend: Amelie: It’s better to help people than garden gnomes


fats domino

May 29, 2010

i bought his ‘greatest hits’ cd yesterday-very loves ūüôā

so much to say

May 26, 2010

i cannot wait to see this movie: . and i just rented ‘city of god’ and ‘this is england’. v. excited. i am feeling so happy-go-lucky, it’s great. and i love ecoterra i want to get one of those mad crazy veggie smoothies there. just for a second i’d like to dwell on bird migration. we humans think we are the smartest and strongest but have you ever thought about migratory birds?! some birds (alaskan bar-tailed godwits, for example) travel 11,000 km..from alaska to new zealand. NON. STOP. wtf? like seriously? that is so freaking cool. and we think we are so clever and scientific, but these animals are the best astronomers; they read the stars, the winds, the magnetic poles to know which direction to go, for how long, and at what time. we have lost any animal instinct we once possessed. they understand north east and south, they know when to refuel, they know the continents and the landscapes, coasts, estuaries, and wind tunnels, moon cycles. and it’s their instinct! our bodies can’t tell us which direction we should walk in…she got more style than you

thinking of taking flamenco classes

May 25, 2010

water fight? i think this is so freakin awesome. very eye opening to say the least.a butterfly?the 70s i swear were just so cool


May 24, 2010

went to downtown LA today and to the MOCA, little tokyo, and wandered around alongside fire escapes. had a chai latte. always yummy. now for a stream of artraqib shaw.because whales are my favorite animals

mio mio mio

May 23, 2010

a photo by elliot erwitt and a photo by olayathe prospect of a self-designed major is alluring; i am interested in so many forms of art and self expression, world cultures, literature, spanish, and sociology, so i’ve been thinking about how great it would be to form my own major: “world cultures through self expression.” it seems like the perfect solution- i could explore how a variety of countries use different forms of self-expression to form national identity and a unique society (literature and poetry of post-civil war spain, photography and art of developing central america, etc.) and what it reflects in history and international relations. i want it bad bad bad! there is too much i want to accomplish. now for some gabriel moreno:

international player’s anthem

May 21, 2010

i’ve been thinking about what the women of different cultures and societies do to feel beautiful. from plump to slender or reserved or outgoing, pale geishas, long necks in rural thai villages, straight hair and tan in the states, whatever it is. but i’m starting to question if all the effort/pain/dedication that goes into these transformations to look beautiful really serve for the woman’s confidence and sense of self or to get a man? do men undergo such “beautifying” rituals? i suppose so. either way, beauty is subjective.

this is in paris, and this is what our parents were like in the 70s. youth is a universal  spontaneous joy.

i i i

May 19, 2010

want want want someone who want want wants me and can have have have me.  on another note, this is a new discovery heard on KSPC:

this is me trailing bubbles behind me everywhere i step.these japanese-american girls were in internment camps just 11 mi. from my house, and they are probably around my age. what did they feel?

but for now i am fine because i am a ballsy go getter. somebody once called me that in the city and i thought it was the best compliment. i take pride in the fact that i am finally in a place where i am honest with myself and recognize what is around me. about 5 months ago i sat in washington square park and took notes on what i saw/thoughts that ran through my head:

-reality is a compilation of fictions-this cannot be argued

-the pigeons of nyc fly in unision

-there is a dog that snored while awake, it was a pug

-there is weiner dog wearing a fleece jacket (?)

-there is a 12 year old skater wearing cheap monday trousers.

-memories enchanted with gold fields and mango peels

-different cultures do different things to feel beautiful. but ultimately, this beauty seems to serve only to win over the opposite sex. do the transformations and pains to be beautiful serve to fulfill/fuel patriarchal world?

back in the 909

May 14, 2010

i said goodbye to the 212 and here i am. in what seems like a very vast and flat landscape, i can see sky, the mountains, the concrete strip malls i was blind too before. but i do also see the brilliant sunshine, the tree roots denting the sidewalk, and the singing birds.


put me in  your dreams, in the clouds, on a roof, on the grass

tell me wheat it means when you hold my skin like that,

when you glance and hold the gaze,

when you hum when we kiss.

put me in your dreams, in the sea, on the bench, on the dock

tell me what it means when you part my hair back

when you stutter when you speak

when you sigh and when you laugh.

put me in your dreams, in the forest, on the bed, on the sky

tell me what it means when your hand i touch

when i smile as we walk

when we feel invincible.

i found you dreaming in black and white while it rained in all the colors of the night

May 12, 2010

i love the lyrics of this song:

my friend jeffrey said this once: “and one day a boy will give you the world even if you offer him only your name”. and i was contemplating not only how beautiful this statement is, but what this perfect boy would be like, and compiled the following list:

-he drinks a tall glass of whole milk every morning

-he has occasional stubble (scruffle?), on tuesday or thursday mornings

-he has soft skin that tans

-he is creative and bilingual, likes to travel

-he is comfortable to sleep with

-he likes both the coast and the forrest

-he is intimate and not overbearing

-he enjoys ethnic meals with me

-he is good at peeling oranges

-he enjoys little things and has curious gestures

-he likes that i speaks spanish and wants to visit spain

-he would like to be a better cook

-he is good at socializing with parents and other adults

-he is spontaneous and adventurous

-he sometimes wears corduroy pants, nice t shirts, sometimes flannel if it’s cold

-he eats toast with butter and honey

-he rides a bicycle

-he is affectionate and trusting

-he has any colored eyes.