i i i

want want want someone who want want wants me and can have have have me.  on another note, this is a new discovery heard on KSPC: http://www.myspace.com/twigpalace

this is me trailing bubbles behind me everywhere i step.these japanese-american girls were in internment camps just 11 mi. from my house, and they are probably around my age. what did they feel?

but for now i am fine because i am a ballsy go getter. somebody once called me that in the city and i thought it was the best compliment. i take pride in the fact that i am finally in a place where i am honest with myself and recognize what is around me. about 5 months ago i sat in washington square park and took notes on what i saw/thoughts that ran through my head:

-reality is a compilation of fictions-this cannot be argued

-the pigeons of nyc fly in unision

-there is a dog that snored while awake, it was a pug

-there is weiner dog wearing a fleece jacket (?)

-there is a 12 year old skater wearing cheap monday trousers.

-memories enchanted with gold fields and mango peels

-different cultures do different things to feel beautiful. but ultimately, this beauty seems to serve only to win over the opposite sex. do the transformations and pains to be beautiful serve to fulfill/fuel patriarchal world?

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  1. Tori ( Dorkmister) Says:

    Japanese-American Farmhouse, California, 1942

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    Everything has been taken that anyone
    thought worth taking. The stairs are tilted,
    scattered with sycamore leaves curled
    like ammonites in inland rock.
    Wood shows through the paint on the frame
    and the door is open–an empty room,
    sunlight on the floor. All that is left
    on the porch is the hollow cylinder
    of an Albert’s Quick Oats cardboard box
    and a sewing machine. Its extraterrestrial
    head is bowed, its scrolled neck
    glistens. I was born, that day, near there,
    in wartime, of ignorant people.

    Sharon Olds

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