so much to say

i cannot wait to see this movie: . and i just rented ‘city of god’ and ‘this is england’. v. excited. i am feeling so happy-go-lucky, it’s great. and i love ecoterra i want to get one of those mad crazy veggie smoothies there. just for a second i’d like to dwell on bird migration. we humans think we are the smartest and strongest but have you ever thought about migratory birds?! some birds (alaskan bar-tailed godwits, for example) travel 11,000 km..from alaska to new zealand. NON. STOP. wtf? like seriously? that is so freaking cool. and we think we are so clever and scientific, but these animals are the best astronomers; they read the stars, the winds, the magnetic poles to know which direction to go, for how long, and at what time. we have lost any animal instinct we once possessed. they understand north east and south, they know when to refuel, they know the continents and the landscapes, coasts, estuaries, and wind tunnels, moon cycles. and it’s their instinct! our bodies can’t tell us which direction we should walk in…she got more style than you

One Response to “so much to say”

  1. rosie Says:

    im guessing you’ve seen Winged Migration. REALLY GOOD MOVIE so depressing. im pretty sure beth&i were dragged down to pasadena to see that movie and upon it we depressed.

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