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the joy of my world is in you

June 26, 2010

“grace, beauty, harmony, intensity. if i find something, then i may rethink my options: if i find a body with beautiful movement or, failing that, a beautiful idea for the mind, well then maybe i’ll think that life is worth living after all.” this is from muriel barbery’s the elegance of the hedgehog.


i like

June 23, 2010

nature. it makes me feel as good as you make me feel when you touch my knee!

there once was a girl who really liked this boy but the boy kept on pushing the girl away. and she just wouldnt give, she stayed put with her feet sunken in the ground like roots. she didnt want to leave because she liked the shade he provided on hot hot days. but he was scared of being the one source of shade for her so sometimes he’d make sure his leafy branches couldnt cover her. and the girl felt a little sad and she just wanted to sit, leaning on the bark of the tree trunk and enjoying the refreshing shade because whenever she did, she felt calm and she knew that the tree-boy felt good too.

this song is how i feel now. the sounds and voices and beats and rhythms. today was a superb day. went to 1000 steps beach with a couple people i really like. then i went to an elementary school talent show, also fabulous. the beach was full of ‘the quintessential so-cal beach boys’. tanned, buff, and fully clothed (or unclothed, i guess) in the lovechild of ameraper/volcolm merchandise. the best part of the day was either the sunshine with my eyes closed soaking into my skin, splashing on the shore, or the drive home on the 57…dim freeway lights and a rumbling engine and the violent femmes.

in 10 days ill be long gone

June 22, 2010

now i will write about the northwest: the landscape has a texture. the wind ruffles the prairie’s belly! the golden brown soft hills and jagged cliffs and impending forests all around. low fluffs of clouds and ripples through the grass. i feel invincible at last. and someone told me “the wind was formed y the trees who waved at one another.” good theory.i’ve been reading haruki murakami’s short stories. here i site some of my favorite quotes so far:

when i closed my eyes, the scent of the wind wafted up toward me. a May wind, swelling up like a piece of fruit, with a rough outer skin, slimy flesh, dozens of seeds. the flesh split open in midair, spraying seeds like gentle buckshot into the bare skin of my arms, leaving behind a faint trace of pain.

then her eyes would look like white moons floating at the edge of a dawn sky -flat, suggestive moons that shimmered at the single cry of a bird at dawn.

the inner light looked like countless grains of pollen -grains that were soft and opaque and that hung in the sky, almost motionless, until, at long last, they settled down upon the surface of the earth.

the OR

June 19, 2010

portland, oregon: powells, bohemian intellectuals, the best latte and v. v. green. my dad and i rented bicycles today and biked a couple miles all along the river. fantastic! it smelled so much like britain-it smelled like warm green and yellows and light browns of weeds and wheat fields. we’ve been eating delicious meals and feeling v. content and progressive.


last summer i met one of my dad’s friends in hangzhou, china named ya lei. he was so cool, ive been thinking about him a lot lately. he was chinese and was embarassed to speak much english with me, yet he dreamed of visiting new york city. he loved jim jarmush and almodovar films, roberto bolano was his hero, and he was working on a project translating leonard cohen songs from english to chinese. cool huh?


June 16, 2010

i’ve been on a crazy internship search for the fall using any and all connections i can find. there’s the the publication: the new yorker (my dream). the photographers: ryan mcginley (my dream), sally gall, angela boatwright. the museum: moma ps1. and the foundations: the aperture foundation (my dream) and the brooklyn academy of music (my dream). i clearly have a lot of internship dreams to fulfill. but lets have our fingers crossed for the last one, BAM, which i just applied to friend rachel lodi took this picture last weekend at bonaroo, isn’t it a fantastic picture?! everything about it i think is good.i found this picture online and found it bizarre, intriguing, charming, and weird. now lets pause to give juliette binoche all the credit she deserves for being the most drop-dead gorgeous french 45 year old woman that exists.

the strokes

June 14, 2010

i realized i’m infatuated/obsessed/in love with that band. seriously, best thing on this planet. anyways, i need more spark, thrill, dulcimer and ukelele in my life. when i felt bewildered:

geranium’s soft comfort,

british foxglove lips,

chrysanthemum’s whisper.

mustard seed yellow when i feel shy and alone,

and morning glory’s deep lavender when i feel bold and at ease.


this  is my new favorite song i need to be in a city before i go insane.

electronic renaissance

June 12, 2010

who will win the world cup? i like spain and argentina. i really really really wanna go back to sequoia national park.can we fly on bikes together? then can we eat fresh mango that we picked off a tree? and then can we draw eachother’s faces?thats a good point, but where’s my skater boyfriend?this piece of art was done by os gemeos and blu in lisbon, portugal.


June 10, 2010

i want her beautiful eyes, her beautiful french language, and her as my daughter, and i also want the creative and imaginative (and adorable) naivety that comes with a young girl telling her own fantasy tale. . new discovery/obsession is angela boatwright:i bought a guide to spain yesterday at borders. it felt funny because i’m spanish; but it felt necessary considering im going on a three-week long trip across all the spain i haven’t seen (barcelona, granada, sevilla, salamca, madrid, etc.). i’m SO excited…for the tapas, for the gaudi architecture in barcelona, for the flamenco in sevilla, for the yummy cheeses and sausages and hams nation-wide, for the train rides, for the youth hostels, for the rooftop gardens and the white villages along the southern coast. and im going to portland a week today…i feel like there will be a lot of good vegetarian food there, and moisture, and good books and photo ops.last night me and katy and nina watched the color of sky that touches the mountainside change. we coasted downhill on bikes (without a doubt, one of the best feelings on earth).and i leave you with a colorful goody

i’ve been out walking

June 9, 2010

oh you swedish nico, you. i love this song.

somewhere over the rainbow

June 5, 2010

this is jade castrinos of edward sharpe and the magnetic zerossometimes when i cook i pretend im a professional cook with my own show and i narrarate what im preparing and how tasty it will be. this afternoon im going to los feliz (west hollywood) with my dad and i wanna go see that couple that my mom’s friend’s with..REMEMBER?! HOW COOL THEY WERE? how they love cocorosie and they’re both creative writers and they named their baby girl after their favorite french philosopher from the 1700s or something!? i want to be that cool! and today i ate at le pain with my dad and gramz and there was this BEAUTIFUL couple with a BEAUTIFUL baby that looked like winston churchill but i think they were french and it was so cool i wish you were theregood job ryan, good job. MIA here. you have to admit, despite her tamil tiger-ness and her  quote ‘ I’m tired of pop stars who say, ‘Give peace a chance.’ I’d rather say, ‘Give war a chance.’ , this is a pretty tight picture.i’d like to meet any one of these men