i’m a hummingbird!

born ruffians was a good show and it was fun to explore echo park, LA.and brazilian fabrizio moretti, of the strokes, will you marry me?

little yellow spider laughing at the snow, well maybe that spider knows something i dont know because i’m godamn cold.

little white monkey staring at the sand, well maybe that monkey figured out something i couldnt figure out who knows.

well i came upon a dancing crab and i stopped to watch it shake i said dance for me just one more time before you hibernate and come out a crab cake!let’s live here! i feel like some constructive natural isolation in the form of the raddest tree house i’ve ever seen

2 Responses to “i’m a hummingbird!”

  1. Marie Says:

    gurllll i am loving me some strokes (and some fabrizio moretti) HARDCORE right now
    why are they the best band?? also now i think about u whenever i hear 12 51, such a great song

  2. Kelsey Says:

    yeeeeyyy that was so much fun! and that tree house is super cool!

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