i want her beautiful eyes, her beautiful french language, and her as my daughter, and i also want the creative and imaginative (and adorable) naivety that comes with a young girl telling her own fantasy tale. . new discovery/obsession is angela boatwright:i bought a guide to spain yesterday at borders. it felt funny because i’m spanish; but it felt necessary considering im going on a three-week long trip across all the spain i haven’t seen (barcelona, granada, sevilla, salamca, madrid, etc.). i’m SO excited…for the tapas, for the gaudi architecture in barcelona, for the flamenco in sevilla, for the yummy cheeses and sausages and hams nation-wide, for the train rides, for the youth hostels, for the rooftop gardens and the white villages along the southern coast. and im going to portland a week today…i feel like there will be a lot of good vegetarian food there, and moisture, and good books and photo ops.last night me and katy and nina watched the color of sky that touches the mountainside change. we coasted downhill on bikes (without a doubt, one of the best feelings on earth).and i leave you with a colorful goody

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