i like

nature. it makes me feel as good as you make me feel when you touch my knee!

there once was a girl who really liked this boy but the boy kept on pushing the girl away. and she just wouldnt give, she stayed put with her feet sunken in the ground like roots. she didnt want to leave because she liked the shade he provided on hot hot days. but he was scared of being the one source of shade for her so sometimes he’d make sure his leafy branches couldnt cover her. and the girl felt a little sad and she just wanted to sit, leaning on the bark of the tree trunk and enjoying the refreshing shade because whenever she did, she felt calm and she knew that the tree-boy felt good too.

this song is how i feel now. the sounds and voices and beats and rhythms. today was a superb day. went to 1000 steps beach with a couple people i really like. then i went to an elementary school talent show, also fabulous. the beach was full of ‘the quintessential so-cal beach boys’. tanned, buff, and fully clothed (or unclothed, i guess) in the lovechild of ameraper/volcolm merchandise. the best part of the day was either the sunshine with my eyes closed soaking into my skin, splashing on the shore, or the drive home on the 57…dim freeway lights and a rumbling engine and the violent femmes.

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