madrid and barcelona

i love the trees, the landscape, floating in both the atlantic and mediterranean ocean, chorizo, spanish hospitality, the donapetry clan, and dark eyes. but there are some highlights that i must share:

in madrid we watched the spain vs germany game in a very roudy and fantastic bar. when we won, there was kissing and screaming and singing and cars honking for about 5 hours . we went out and danced until very late and met spanish guys and painted our faces with the spanish flag and sang along to modest mouse and the red hot chilli peppers til 2.30. that was great! it was a celebratory and chaotic night. i cut my foot very badly and that is why i spent the next morning in urgent care in the madrid hospital.

we saw all the plazas and our days there were filled with ecstacy and pride and glee and a very spanish buzz. we tanned on the rooftop of my cousins apartment building in the center of madrid. we had a picnic at the retiro park.

we almost missed our flight to barcelona, but here we are. it is a tourist plagued city but we love it anyways. my favorite is the cuban inspirted plazas, with their palm trees and falafel stands. and we went out to el born area, bars dotting the beach. we got to know our roommates: 2 sarcastic and macho germans, glistening muscles and chinese character tattoos and speedos. and 4 aussies loud and obnoxious, waking us up at 6am with their burps and farts and incomprehensible accents. sleeping with 6 guys is quite the adventure. anyawys, i think we are making some sort of friends, and if not, atleast some sort of memories.

oh and spain won the world cup BOOYAonly in these occasions do you celebrate with welsh, aussies, germans, and brits all in one gigantic party..those couple nights took a week of solid recovery.

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