i loved granada very much. it is a very livable city. beautiful architecture and river and alhambra and moroccan market and evening light. we saw flamenco in a beautiful and tiny venue: a crowded and cramped and lovely cave with wonderful atmosphere. i have never seen something so passionate and sensual in my life. the dance, guitar, drumming, clapping, snapping, and voice were completely coordinated. the voice of the man was incredibly powerful, moaning and lamenting about drinking up kisses and breathing skin, and flesh to flesh. the dancer was not only gorgeous, tan and green-eyed, but she was so invigorating and empowering. she made me think about the act of dance as a source of empowerment for women. this woman could totally kick your ass. her movements were so abrupt and strong, fluid and poignant and enticing all at the same time. there is nothing as romantic and stimulating as flamenco.

zahara de los atunes, tarifa, is also a paradise. good gazpacho, beaches, sunshine and palm trees. the south of spain is full of white and pink paired oleanders and miles and miles of sunflowers gazing at us from outside the bus.

on another note, i think if any god should be worshipped, it should be the sun god. the sun, afterall, provides all sustenance: warmth, trees, fruits, animals, photosynthesis, cycles of life. i think the sun is discredited for all the lovely things it produces. i shall worship a god that creates and nourishes, not punishes.

seville is still around 100 degrees at 8pm. we are enjoying it here very much and will take a 12 hour night bus back to the north tomorrow night.

what do i love about spain? many things. but the beach in barcelona at 4am with our barcelona and german friends, a guitar, sangria don simon and skinny dipping top the list. and the cheap abundunce of tapas. and making hostel friends. and being tan!

and our hostel has a garden patio and a rooftop where we sit until midnight and look at the stars and socialize. i dont worry bout a thing.

2 Responses to “graná”

  1. Kelsey Says:

    OLAYA! I loved your beautiful description of the flamenco dancer and the singer. It was so vivid almost like I could see it. you are such a lovely writer! It’s very pleasant to read your work.
    Espana sounds delightful! I hope you are taking lots and lots of pictures! I am so glad you are having such a wonderful time! eat some paella for me 🙂

  2. Chris Says:

    Hence my sun tattoo!

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