i am

utterly disgusted by vanity. when i met the buddhist nuns in moganshan i knew i wanted to be like them: at peace, with no sense of value for material goods. in a good way. these nuns couldn’t comprehend how man could want -let alone value or cherish in their life- nice clothes, an expensive car…they simply couldn’t get their head around why somebody could possibly care about an object that marks style or a rich/artistic/etc lifestyle. they only sought knowledge and wisdom and pacifism, unity, and coexistence. they looked past all the fluff. now that’s what ‘im talking about. new york fashion my ass, you have no clue what life holds

. new obsession: richard misrach.and one morehe manages to capture the divine very well.

further,  instead of being aggravated i’m gonna post pictures of my favorite benneton adds and then of a bunch of a photographer i’ve discovered:diversity is so bomband now for bill owens, a genius in documenting suburb life 50-30 years ago. i’ll dedicate this to claremontthis one is titled ‘there’s nothing to do in suburbia’. im feelin it

One Response to “i am”

  1. Kelsey Says:

    OMG its you and beth! the “there’s nothing to do in suburbia” one!

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