it’s been a while folks

so i have a lot of catching up to do!  here are some recent portraits i took:leticia, half-italian, half-spanish girl. gorgeous like a dollcarmina, brimming with innocent beauty. about 13 i think and utterly unaware of her caramel skin tone and dramatic eyebrows and delicate lips.juan, seeking to be a soccer player, but conforming to civil engineering.

well, my last week in spain was bittersweet. it was tough to leave. i went to the naseiro festival which is a blast. music and regional pride. it is a muddy maze. pieces of land (the size of a large bedroom) are rented out for 5 nights and people are allowed to do whatever they want with that lot…set up tables, tents, and build forts. some people go all out: two-story tree house, mini fridges and tvs, old sofas and mattresses. it’s quite the sight. and this is all in a dense forest of eukalyptus alongside a river. i love when spaniards are belligerent and playful, which is often.

ok now for some michael shapcott paintings: and more about leaving spain now:

it hurts a bit to think in english, to have to hear british accents once again. i already miss the wise and pensive cows! vivero’s cobblestones and submerging my head under salty water. but as simon and garfunkel said “the leaves that are green, will turn to brown”. all things come to an end, and even though my vacation in galicia has ended, i’m about to commence on another chapter in new york, sweet new york.  but galician pears and apples and saturn peaches sure are the best fruit in the world, the nectar of my life. and driving my mom’s vespa through downtown-just me and the breeze! going on my bike (the one we won at the supermarket when my mom bought a leg of ham.. “congratulations! you are the 28th customer today, here’s your bike!”) to the river, trying to see the fish. i’ll miss the feeling of filling my lungs with air in a panic right before i swim under a colossal wave in san roman beach. the foam that hits my face stings but reminds me i am here, fighting waves in the sea. i’ll miss the dinners with my mom..greek yogurt and fruit, the insufferably loud pop music at the bars and clubs, feeling obliged to swim everyday, even in the rain. sharing a mixed drink with my cousin juan or a beer with my cousin maria.

One Response to “it’s been a while folks”

  1. Kelsey Says:

    beautiful beautiful beautiful! Olaya I love reading your blog its seriously always interesting and just lovely on a whole. Good work. I miss you. I hope you are loving being back new york

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