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spontaneity is the mother of crudity

September 29, 2010

what makes me happy is plunging (ie: into something, into water, etc.)

a jakon nyland photo. utter triumph with that burger!a ball-point pen drawing by juan-francisco casas. and where i want to be when i feel restless: new foundland.

here’s my first short fiction story i wrote: yearning for leti


step by step

September 24, 2010

i woke up in a very weird mood this morning. i don’t want to do this, do that, discuss this, discuss that. just feel like eating cereal and looking outside my window. and listening to rilo kiley all day. I WANT TO DO SOMETHING REAL.

i dream in yellow cicadas

September 20, 2010

i went to the met with the boy who liked to touch art. he argued that to witness art with one’s eyes is not enough, that it is necessary to feel van gogh’s brush strokes, and the byzantine statue’s curly beard, the sanskrit carved on a plaque, the vase from the ming dynasty.  it is very illegal to do this but it is true. he refused to let authorities prevent him from feeling thick clumps of oil paint or tracing marble dents. to feel it with ones finger tips, to smell it close up, is to really understand it. and you are touching the same stuff a genius artist touched 100s (or thousands) of years ago. the boy who liked to touch art also told me something i found v. funny: in all of human history, the most common and popular way to deface/vandalize sculptures (and statues) is by knocking off the penis. kids do it now, and greek hooligans did in the 12th century too. that is universality. also discovered this weekend that momofuku noodle bar is the best (especially the pork buns), and that there is little better than good greek yogurt with crispy and diverse granola and honey and a banana cut up on top.this is weng fen’s art by the way.

guide me

September 16, 2010

this is mateusz kolek’s work. playful and distinct.  i’m currently working on the application to study abroad in buenos aires. this is juergen teller’s photographs. he does a lot of marc jacob adds. anyways i love it. and here is another photo of his of bjork and her son: gorgeous: and that is a d. yee photograph.


September 15, 2010

i’m on a roller coaster where i get really excited and then i feel deception and i don’t know what to do.i just want to read a book in a forest and have someone rub my back.

new song i am obsessed with is: dreamworld by robin thicke.

i felt

September 14, 2010

like i was flying in a boreal rainforest, weaving through mossy vines and floating and taking risks. and we went on his roof while it was raining and we watched the rain haze over new york city, looked down at passing taxis, crawling vines, and noticed droplets of water poised on our eyebrows.

all i need is soft and affection.

my favorite still from the 400 blows:

mick jagger

September 10, 2010

last night i went to local 269 where there was a live band playing; the singer danced like mick jagger. way groovy! and i hung out with my friend who has a giant rabbit with red eyes hopping around in his little apartment. i want to go to great restaurants in queens

also, saw this movie last night that blew my mind. one of the best and most moving documentaries i have seen in awhile. all my senses were stimulated and i felt deeply disturbed/anxious/haunted  at times. it made me want to make documentaries.

back in 10010

September 5, 2010

i find this so  incredibly beautiful: just moved in to gramercy and it is great. it is bizarre to be back in the city! yesterday i ate in washington square park with friends and THAT was v. nostalgic. i realized that washington square is like…the epicenter of my life. it’s where i feel my pulse beats and my heart is. ok so today was really amazing. i went to chinatown with marie and tori and we went to prosperity dumpling. please go. its 1$ for5 pork chive dumplings, aka the best dumplings you’ll have in a long while. ( and amazing value. and right by a hand ball court where chinese girls show their skills. and then we wandered around and bought fruit and pastries and went to the lower east side and peaked our heads into kosher jewish bakeries. i decided i’ll post more pictures that i’ve taken the past year or so: like this one, which is how i feel sometimes when i’m all mopey and gluttonous-feeling.

piece me back together

September 1, 2010

corey arnold: i love the way he says ‘together’

oh and check this artist’s work: kawashima kotori-and that, is joshua petker.