back in 10010

i find this so  incredibly beautiful: just moved in to gramercy and it is great. it is bizarre to be back in the city! yesterday i ate in washington square park with friends and THAT was v. nostalgic. i realized that washington square is like…the epicenter of my life. it’s where i feel my pulse beats and my heart is. ok so today was really amazing. i went to chinatown with marie and tori and we went to prosperity dumpling. please go. its 1$ for5 pork chive dumplings, aka the best dumplings you’ll have in a long while. ( and amazing value. and right by a hand ball court where chinese girls show their skills. and then we wandered around and bought fruit and pastries and went to the lower east side and peaked our heads into kosher jewish bakeries. i decided i’ll post more pictures that i’ve taken the past year or so: like this one, which is how i feel sometimes when i’m all mopey and gluttonous-feeling.

One Response to “back in 10010”

  1. Jenny Says:

    I like the picture you took. mopey and gluttonous-feeling!

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