“your smile, my smile, our faces match a while!”

i screamed those lyrics so hard at the born ruffians concert last night. as the band was setting up i yelled at the singer “hey, luke!’ and he turned around and said “yeah?” and i said “i think you’re amazing!” he said “thanks”. it was quite a euphoric night. when i danced i flailed all my limbs

my weekend has been full of cultural immersion in the city because my mom was visiting and we did nyc things. we went to the international center of photography and looked at pictures from the spanish civil war (one of my favorite topics) gerda taro took this one, of families waiting behind gates of the morgue and hospital to hear news of their loved ones in battle. she documented la republica from the front lines, she was shot while taking photos in mid-battle.  also saw photos from the cuban revolution.this is a lee lockwood photograph of boys in havana posing with their new record.  i walked all around the east village and chelsea and meatpacking district and lastly, saw the documentary “waiting for superman” and teared up a lot.most attractive body part ever

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