rekindled flame beautiful, beautiful lyrics.my favorite part:

  • Well you’re Oscar Wilde short stories in my bookcase
    You’re positively 4th street, isolated in my dreams
    You’re the word in the dictionary that I can’t spell
    Can’t describe
    Can’t put in a sentence but use all the time
    Your old pair of trousers
    Look better on me
    The boots of Spanish leather at the bottom of the sea
    Well I wish we were animals
    Free of love’s games
    I wish we were snails with really big shells
    I wish I was a lion I’d be king of the wild
    I’d command all the beasts and carry you when you’re tired
    I’m the elephant in the circus Oh, you’re my trainer
    You’d never let me go but if you did I would stay here
    In love there is freedom
    But it must be returned
    There must sacrifice
    Love must be learned.
    i am no longer going to settle for less

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