what a glorious weekend!

ok before i start, jodie foster in taxi driver is 70s love. dad’s here. which means americana brunch places, walks through my favorite hoods (east village, nolita, china town, and my washington square), belgian duck salads, chinese film festivals, and korean bbq! yum! oh and amazing tapas bars. today we strolled through lex/murray hill area up to the met. i was awed by the kublai khan exhibit. during the yuan dynasty there was this incredible convergence of religion and art and theater, and i got to see the product of this. the artwork -tapestries, calligraphy, wood and ceramic work- showed sooo much will power, patience, talent, and attention and love for meticulous detail. i admire that so much. after, we went to the bamboo roof structure and looked at the skyline and central park below, gorgeous. then we walked around the park and i noticed the yellow glow in the grass and children’s faces. those little puffs of white in the magnificent blue sky! warm sun touching my freckled face.

ok im currently obsessed with this, “my little dead dick,” the brain child of Patrick Tsai and Madi Ju, who built a photography project recording their relationship. it ended when they ended. there are honestly too many pictures i want to put up of theirs… but quick question. why have artisans disappeared? people don’t MAKE stuff or DO things anymore. i want to learn to make my own clothes, harvest my food, pick my fruit and make my cheese, build furniture. we will no longer be commodities! i’ll live an a self-sufficient commune in vermont! ok, one more and then i’ll stop i swear

i love sycamore-lined streets and hugging vines alongside stoops. and red velvet cake.

One Response to “what a glorious weekend!”

  1. Acacia Says:

    I was just learning about the Yuan dynasty in one of my classes! Its awesome you got to go to an exhibit. Its almost like looking back in time to when the world first started to become so interconnected.
    Also, love the picture with the giraffe.
    And hoorah for making things. Go get a plant.

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