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return of the 70’s: the garden state

November 28, 2010

today was chilly and stinging but sunny and great. ate vegetarian food and headed over to a gallery in chelsea. i forgot the artist’s name, but he believed that if he, or we, or anyone “could just produce enough art, then art and life would be the same thing, and the world would change for the better.” very interesting idea. after that, we went to the waterfront and the wind was so so cold, so cold, it felt colder than ice in our face. it felt like diving into patagonia waters standing there, looking over to hoboken.(egon schiele reminds me of nina)

thanksgiving in dirty jerz lived up to my expectations whole-heartedly. it was great and it felt american and irish-catholic and endearing and how i wanted it to be. first time i had had stuffing with gravy, and boy was it rewarding. i feel in my element driving around with a best friend through forrested suburbs, a dark and drizzling night in culdesacs, talking philosophy and radio hip hop.



November 24, 2010

little excerpts from li-young lee’s poem “persimmons” that i really liked. the fact that i miss eating persimmons at home may have something to do with it:

“my mother said every persimmon has a sun
inside, something golden, glowing,
warm as my face.”

“some things never leave a person:
scent of the hair of one you love,
the texture of persimmons,
in your palm, the ripe weight.”

(photo by joni sternbach. is he interested in being my boyfriend?)

and one more little part from the poem, less persimmon-themed:

“wrens are small, plain birds,
yarn is what one knits with.
wrens are soft as yarn.
my mother made birds out of yarn.”

i was as nutty as a fruitcake and happier

November 19, 2010

alex masi. lets go feel this!roald dahl quote (since he is the greatest): “a person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly. you can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.”

that sure woke me up!

the bad news

November 18, 2010

i feel restless and anxious and trapped (and i have an extreme fear of immobility). good news: waiting for the bus i talked to one of the nyu security guards. he’s from russia originally but has lived 20 years in brooklyn with his “beautiful vife from kazakstan!”. we talked about city life and it was refreshing.  well, how can i put it..have you ever felt nostalgic for something you’ve never even had? that’s sort of how i feel.knowing how to skateboard , and doing it in la might be a liberating solution (not on a freeway).danny santosii. oh and today it was so windy, i saw a hotdog/soda/pretzel stand get knocked down!drew echberg. maybe the only reason i’d want to see morocco: those pink buildings.

reading in bed

November 14, 2010

two great excerpts from last night’s couple chapters of dharma bums: “You can’t fall of a mountain.” and “We were so honestly hungry it wasn’t funny and it was honest.”  this is so true. feeling lonely is something so natural, but at the same time, so absurd. with so many millions of people and trees and things to feel, how can one feel lonely? i went to the yoshimoto nara show at the asia society, super cool. in his early years he was really inspired by the punk movement, in his later years, 70s folk.paul mcdonough photo. i’m pretty sure this is me basking in the sun outside the cvs on foothill (by towne).

dharma bums

November 11, 2010

“a real haiku’s gotta be as simple as porridge and yet make you see the real thing, like the greatest haiku of them all probably is the one that goes ‘the sparrow hops along the veranda, with wet feet.’ by shiki. you see the wet footprints like a vision in your mind and yet in those few words you also see all the rain that’s been falling that day and almost smell the wet pine needles.'”  true that japhy, true that.  who else feels like being nostalgic?

baby, baby, baby.

November 10, 2010

so much to share with you guys a really interesting juxtaposition between hildur yeoman and yeah, you guessed it, mcginley: so i watched an argentinian film today for class, i totally disliked it, but i DID like the title: “pizza, beer, and cigarettes.”this is olofsdottor’s work. it’s called ‘bbq chips’ seriously. SERIOUSLY?! how can you produce such euphoric art just about artificially flavored crispy goodness? now that is artistic talent.rain and ocean and half-nakedness? seems like such an occasion. current memory time

where? oxford canal. what? feeding ducks with grandpa. also at the canal, i used to pick blackberries with mama and she’d tell me about how the lost children lived in the forest right there!


November 8, 2010

i just remembered this last night and couldn’t stop laughing at the memory. when i was little and would have baths, before i got to the actual washing of my self (soaping, shampooing, etc.) my dad would be ok with letting me sit in the hot water and eat a snack. this is bizarre on multiple levels; but one of my fondest memories of my youth is me munching on a cupful of garbanzo beans (chickpeas, if you will) in steamy hot water. this is a photo by olga onischenko, it makes me feel more maternal than usual. now here’s a poem by william carlos williams:

I have eaten

the plums

that were in

the icebox


and which

you were probably


for breakfast


Forgive me

they were delicious

so sweet

and so cold

i feel just like a child

November 8, 2010

i adore the song ‘pumpkin seeds’ by devendra banhart.

The afternoon café con leche:

Warm milk and frothy foam float,

Two spoonfuls of sugar and my gaze flies out a window.

It takes me where I want to be:


Adrift in my favorite cove,

Bright blue canvas on a 4pm sky

Water splashes in my ear, drops on my cheeks

Honey yolk sun warms my face.

My thoughts are free to hum.

And I feel infinite.

Soaring, gliding, pulsing ripples and my beating heart.



look, i’m sorry

November 5, 2010

(i feel a bit debilitated) it’s an unfortunate trend of mine and i don’t know how to kill it, but i get too close and then distance myself. i’m trying to prove the trend wrong now, i really am.last night was nice, i listened to the beach boys with good company. ran into my RA at a kickback, you know. one of the things that picks me up when i’m feeling down in the city (besides the obvi croissant, chai latte, misfits song, or falling autumn leaves), is spotting jim joe’s words. but i just want jim joe to know that he has new and very legitimate competition: me. tim tom.