baby, baby, baby.

so much to share with you guys a really interesting juxtaposition between hildur yeoman and yeah, you guessed it, mcginley: so i watched an argentinian film today for class, i totally disliked it, but i DID like the title: “pizza, beer, and cigarettes.”this is olofsdottor’s work. it’s called ‘bbq chips’ seriously. SERIOUSLY?! how can you produce such euphoric art just about artificially flavored crispy goodness? now that is artistic talent.rain and ocean and half-nakedness? seems like such an occasion. current memory time

where? oxford canal. what? feeding ducks with grandpa. also at the canal, i used to pick blackberries with mama and she’d tell me about how the lost children lived in the forest right there!

One Response to “baby, baby, baby.”

  1. Kelsey Says:

    mi piace 🙂

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