return of the 70’s: the garden state

today was chilly and stinging but sunny and great. ate vegetarian food and headed over to a gallery in chelsea. i forgot the artist’s name, but he believed that if he, or we, or anyone “could just produce enough art, then art and life would be the same thing, and the world would change for the better.” very interesting idea. after that, we went to the waterfront and the wind was so so cold, so cold, it felt colder than ice in our face. it felt like diving into patagonia waters standing there, looking over to hoboken.(egon schiele reminds me of nina)

thanksgiving in dirty jerz lived up to my expectations whole-heartedly. it was great and it felt american and irish-catholic and endearing and how i wanted it to be. first time i had had stuffing with gravy, and boy was it rewarding. i feel in my element driving around with a best friend through forrested suburbs, a dark and drizzling night in culdesacs, talking philosophy and radio hip hop.

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