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rosie is strong

December 31, 2010

and you know i believe it thoroughly! oh look, it’s me riding through new york! so today i went to the LACMA with my dad and stopped at this really really fantastic korean bbq place on wilshire: genwa. go. go go. 20+ banchan are all so yummy. i just love korean bbq overall. and ‘never let me go’ by kazuo ishiguro is proving to be very enthrawling and mysterious and a good read!(david luraschi)


ann beattie

December 28, 2010

im really enjoying her short stories. nina introduced me to laura marling:  i also really like her song ‘new romantic,’ so check that out.he’s hungry for children. today we’re going to the buffalo inn, where you can eat buffalo burgers while we look at snowy mount baldy and hunky harley men.helen levitt. disturbing/comical?


December 28, 2010

reading ‘the unbearable lightness of being’ and am on the fence as to weather milan kundera is a bit of a chauvinist. so so so gorgeous here in claremont. blue skies and mt baldy was so clear against lavender sky. drove around with my best friends in katy’s expedition. her little brother had it all tuned up with an insane audio system and exaggerated bass; we felt ridiculous and badass pumping lil wayne so loud the bass gave us a back massage. the windows rolled down, and a sundress on. that is what the break feels like for now.i have a thing for hooliganry. jesse demartino. awesome stuff!

back in claremont

December 25, 2010

where there is a wet, wet, mulch ground. red and yellow leaves still dangling from the trees. vast, vast blue skies. and snow, snowy mountains.joey meyerowitz. last night was jammin and rasta-rappin and happy to be home with a great banana loaf with coconut frosting. and currently having a blind willie mctell obsession.yeah, i don’t really know what’s going on either.

white russians

December 21, 2010

robin bowman. so many photographers discovered on my trip to the nyc public library photo exhibit. they also had a cool gallery comparing all this beautiful scripture from the torah, bible, and qu’ran there’s listette model.tom wood. and yesterday i walked up to central park without my headphones in for once.

i love museum trips

December 20, 2010

so i went to the brooklyn museum and it was great. i saw this exhibit that focused on norman rockwell and how he would stage photos to base his paintings on: at the rubin museum (filled with buddhist and tibetan art) i saw this photo by atta kim. she took one long, long exposure of times square “among the world’s busiest and most recognized landmarks, times square is represented oddly desolate in this image. over many hours of film exposure, blaring traffic is reduced to a scattering of bright dots, flashing billboards are unusually mute, and impatient crowds pounding the pavement are rendered mere blurs.” something eery about it.also saw fred tomaselli art. he does really intricate collages with butterflies and pills and leaves. and here he paints over ny times pictures.

at the edge of town

December 18, 2010

just watched part of the jean-michel basquait documentary, “radical child.” makes me nostalgic for a time in nyc i missed, the 80s, but i think the heart of it is still there.  the eccentric-dui-vanguard- intensity of the bowery and east village steaming.(keith haring)

he not only was influenced by other artists, but inspired by thinkers like darwin and sounds and music like miles davis and dizzie gillespie trumpet sounds.


December 14, 2010

today all i have to say in this blog is that i feel like eating a salad in claremont with a mustard dressing i make and roasted pinenuts, heirloom tomatoes, and chunks of avocado. because it’s a random thought, i’m going to list an equally random compilation of interesting facts i have found from the internet:

All porcupines float in water.

A male emperor moth can smell a female emperor moth up to 7 miles away.

Almonds are a member of the peach family.

Winston Churchill was born in a ladies’ room during a dance.

and this last one was from Claire’s research project: there’s a 99% rate of literacy in France and 21% of their national budget is allocated to the nation’s education.


December 12, 2010

noah ramos took this, great huh? claremont! he’s an acquaintance/friend (but actually we were lovers in kindergarden. he asked me to the movies, i said no. but there are no sour feelings now) so i went to go see ‘the king’s speech’ today and was v. impressed by colin firth and geoffrey rush was really really quite brilliant too. i cried at some point in the middle a bit; not because the movie was at an emotional climax of any sort, just because it made me really nostalgic for england and the english (the accent, countryside, voice, stance, mannerisms). i was reminded of my grandpa and i felt happy that i’m half british. and i miss british mumblings and ‘bloody’ and ‘bugger off’ and the introverted nervousness.contemporary aboriginal art.


December 8, 2010

really like my wednesday afternoon cafe aulaits at think coffee. almost as much as i loved my saturday morning cafe aulaits at stumptown in portland. wanna know an interesting fact about me? i was baptized in iffley church. it was built in 1170 by normans. uhm, everytime i think about it, i feel pleased to know that i was baptized where babies were in the 1200s, 1400s, 1800s, now. anyways, this is soooo great: (juan carlos blanco) happy lunchin’. and if the mars bar closes like i’ve heard, i’ll be real upset