the velvet underground

had dinner last night in my mom’s friends apartment. 45th floor off wall st. and a roasted chicken with soft and juicy onions and carrots and potatoes. made me miss home.

snowed today on my 25 block walk to campus. oh and also, don’t you think its kind of dumb how sulky/pouty is the look now a days. everywhere, it’s like comeon cheer up! oh and once i was walking around dumbo in bk at night and i walked by this pretty nice car. and taped on the window from the inside was a paper “please dont break my windows! seriously! there is nothing of value in here: no ipod, no gps, not even spare change…so keep on walking.”

One Response to “the velvet underground”

  1. Jenny Says:

    haha i love you, your story about the note in the car made me chuckle. i was fazed by the snow this afternoon too. winter’s hurrr.

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