noah ramos took this, great huh? claremont! he’s an acquaintance/friend (but actually we were lovers in kindergarden. he asked me to the movies, i said no. but there are no sour feelings now) so i went to go see ‘the king’s speech’ today and was v. impressed by colin firth and geoffrey rush was really really quite brilliant too. i cried at some point in the middle a bit; not because the movie was at an emotional climax of any sort, just because it made me really nostalgic for england and the english (the accent, countryside, voice, stance, mannerisms). i was reminded of my grandpa and i felt happy that i’m half british. and i miss british mumblings and ‘bloody’ and ‘bugger off’ and the introverted nervousness.contemporary aboriginal art.

One Response to “england”

  1. Jenny Says:

    i wannawannawanna visit you & claremont.

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