turn your lamp down low

life philosophy! so i went to the pomona art walk and it was super awesome. we saw really neat graffiti art and i saw this great rapper spit verse and then my jewish bespectacled berkeley friend did some free stylin too. everyone was supportive and appreciative and even  those men in the back with the big white shirts, those symbols tattooed on their cheeks, black ink shining, their heads bobbed too. and then a filipino guy did some breakdancing right in the middle of the party dance floor! his limbs bounced off the floor, spinning and jumping and swirling. it was all so much to take in, but i loved it! and there were all these countercultures surrounding us: 20s revival, rockabilly, the hipstershits, the spikey punks with tight-bulging jeans and the saggy dickeys shorts men too. all in coexistent harmony. i love when these people crawl out of the depths“my happiness and satisfaction with life is a non-negotiable requirement”(mary ellen mark). oh and i was reading this article about girl talk and how he’s so intense! he had to get a special padded table made because when he’s performing he thrashes around and dances so much that his knees would bleed and he’d break his feet from jumping up and down and hitting stuff! also, he has to wrap up his laptop in cellophane and bubble wrap because he sweats so much all over it

One Response to “turn your lamp down low”

  1. Maria Says:

    non-negotiable requirement……? en relacion a que?

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