had a really great drive up to the central coast with my dad. we stood on top of this huge sand dune and looked at the ocean beneath us, half a mile below, and morro rock. we drove through green rolling hills that looked like they belonged to an advertisement for milk in switzerland. and even, driving down the 1, we saw two shirtless surfers run across the two-lane freeway, surfboards in arm! yes, california, yes. san louis obispo, you treated us well. and all those creeks and lakes the pacific horizon, i love you all. the whole trip was fantastic. ate great crab cakes, figs, red wine, fresh avocados and tiger prawn.(conrad roset). ok so my continual search for inspiring photography came to a startling halt tonight when browsing through artists’ websites and blogs i felt a pang of extreme disappointment. so much portraiture these days is EXACTLY THE SAME. very slim girl, very long hair, very much naked, and in very much the same soft and pale window light draping across her spine or shoulders or nipples or whatever. if not in black and white in a room, in a field with an obtrusive sun glare. but they all look the same! can’t anyone come up with something new to capture a presence and feeling. does everyone really feel that plain and desolate and with monotoned glazed eyes? tell me otherwise, please. there is something more to the human body and there is something more inside and hopefully i can get a step closer to finding it (in my own work, and in others’). (valeria lazavera) so long suckers!(john pual jespersen) combines images from the hubble aircraft and his own landscape shots.

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