to buenos aires: one week. empanadas, 90 degrees, boca juniors vs. river plate, and everything else i still have to learn. rosie and i heard this rwandan band on kspc and instantly loved it. in other news, egypt has shut down the internet so i’m unfortunately predicting a violent coup soonthomas prior) are you familiar with ozu’s tokyo story? i watched it last night with my dad. so aesthetic and balanced and framed and a photographer’s dream; the film is easy on the eyes. photo by yang yan kang

3 Responses to “countdown”

  1. Laura Says:

    I’m absolutely in love with that thomas prior photo! thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Carlos Guzmán. Says:

    Olaya??? Hola, soy Carlos, nos conocimos ayer en el bar La Cigale. Soy el Estudiante DE SOCIOLOGIA Que tomaba mate. jaja. Linda noche ¿no? Bueno, no entiendo Mucho El wordpress Pero Te dejo mi facebook

    o mi Correo:

    mandame volver sin un párrafo Mensaje Vernos, Que Me Quede Con Ganas de Seguir Conociendote. Un beso

  3. Melisa Says:

    Hello Olaya. I listened to you in the USA Embassy yesterday at the Book Fair in Bs. As. I was amazed with the story you read. I am a translator of English and would like to contact you via e-mail or facebook to ask you a few questions about your writing. I am doing my final work in a Bachellor study of Translation, that is why your help will be very useful for me. Thanks!

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