6 hours at a museum

yo, terry richardson, i think you are one of the least imaginative photographers these days. it’s a matter of taste, i know, and although you have a recognizable style (props) i find it sickeningly redundant. i get it, sex sells. is that all?  last night i watched happenstance with audrey tautou. it was one of those enjoyable subtly-mind-blowing movies about how every little  action/reaction determines 100s of interactions and relationships in the world: “You see, every detail, every gesture, as slight as it may be, reveals an infinity of truths and thus has an endless repercussion and grandiose effects.” (beth town, my closest fwend) sexiest music alive: nastya tailakova. and goodnight! i’ve seen so much modern chinese photography the last two weeks you can ask me any question about it and i’ll give you my opinion: migrant workers, consumerism, and the blinding speed in which modernization is expanding throughout the country.

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