been listening to music from camaroon (thanks, rosie) and wild reeds (thanks, rosie). a very wise excerpt from an interview with colum mccann:

“it’s strange but as i grow older, i find myself developing more optimism. i keep inching toward the point where i believe that it’s more difficult to have hope than it is to embrace cynicism. in the deep dark end, there’s no point unless we have at least a modicum of hope. we trawl our way through the darkness hoping to find a pinpoint of light. but isn’t it remarkable that the cynics of this world -the politicians, the corporations, the squinty-eyes critics- seem to think that they have a claim on intelligence? they seem to think that it’s cooler, more intellectually engaging, to be miserable, that there’s some sort of moral heft in cynicism.

but i think a good novel can be a doorstop to despair. i also think the real bravery comes with those who are prepared to go through that door and look at the world in all it’s grime and torment, and still find something of value, no matter how small.” and he continues.

(adam smith, a bearded bloke)

i agree so much with colum. i have much more respect for those who can have hope during confrontation, than for those who can criticize and be pessimist “realists.”matteo pericoli draws  fragments from nyc windows.

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