un cortado

-cortado is the best coffee you will ever have. strong, bitter coffee tinted caramel by a dash of milk. me encanta

-ya estoy empezando a usar el “vos”. vos sos!

-at a cafe on charcas this spectacled older (like, old) man handed me his phone number and said hed’ love to take me out to dinner. i smiled and kept on reading cortazar and then he walked away. i’ll keep julio’s number as a keepsake, but that is all.
-saw la boca neighborhood and it was strange, but cool ofcourse. the touristy, popular, recognizable section of boca is about 4 square blocks of brilliantly painted geometric shacks (reds, turquoise, violets) where the italian immigrants had first settled. in this couple block radius there are tango dancers and mate-sellers catering to tourists. however, straying from the main two streets you see it’s essentially surrounded by slums, dogs chewing tufts of fur off their legs, and boys playing futbol in the streets, shirtless and maybe homeless and toothless. it seemed that so much is invested in a couple square blocks, perhaps relying on tourist naivety or appreciation (depending on if you are a half-empty/half-full glass person) , and of course the beauty of the colorful buildings and vibrant history to keep this area in shape, while neglecting a lot around it. this is just an interpretation. i thought it was a warm and colorful and celebratory place, but just found it curious how the surrounding area seemed so diminished, unpreserved.(richie diesterheft, flickr)

-guys lock eyes here, and wink.
-“palo borracho” is the name of the trees seen everywhere, with pink flowers. translates into “drunk stick”. also, gorgeous jackarandas are everywhere!
-banks close when they run out of cash. no more $ in the atms? well then sorry! no money for you today!
-i’m being haunted by a goliath mayfly mosquitos at night.
-there are so many curiosities for me and i love it.  the people are so warm and charming. there are so many things i want to see, people i want to meet..i feel an intense urgency, but in a good way. the empanadas are sensational. i can’t begin to describe.thiebaud, because the desserts here are stellar

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  1. Sophie or a Says:

    what of cortazar? this is rosie, speaking on sophie’s account, webpage and question

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