lucky strike

we went to an estancia, essentially a ranch on rural land, about 2 hours from the city. my favorite part was the miles of field and shady trees, wandering cows, dirt roads and horses. the chorizo was really good, bbq is great. we layed out on the grass and watched folkloric dance too. so relaxing! the nature and farmland is a universally charming place; in upstate new york, in a village neighboring oxford, and in buenos aires province.

also went to my first ‘boliche.’ which is a club-bar-discoteque. so, so so, so so, fun. it was blast dancing with so many argentines! especially because i got to request some reggaeton and beats vibrated through our bodies. nightlife here is friendly and social, it is not pretentious, vulgar. nobody is condescending. everyone wants to meet people, drink, dance, have a good time and i appreciate that. i appreciate authenticity and puting your guard down and being able to go up to a stranger and introduce yourself and that being okay.

(brendan garbee. does awesome stuff w/ pen and watercolor)

also explored more of la recoleta: the feria and market, live reggae cumbia music, basking in a park, and even some skaters here and there. the mercado was full of beautiful artisan jewelry, leatherworks, gorgeous.  the recoleta cemetery was breathtaking. the level of grandeur and tremendous wealth, the scale and size of the mausoleums is just spectacular. cracked stone, polished granite, marble, spires and angels. stained glass, vines, sprouting weeds. it’s a village paradise for those gone. the type of village community where everyone knows everyone and there’s friendly gossip at the cornerstore; like that, but for the afterlife. that’s what it feels like.( i love hiroshige)

2 Responses to “lucky strike”

  1. rose Says:

    your writing is so positive and exciting I never lose interest. im so proud of you for BOLICHE-ING yesssss ma’am rock it on. and la estancia, sounds even better than how first described to me WE MUST TALK SOON

  2. n Says:

    i love love love that pen and watercolor drawing!! cool finds olaya popaya

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