my creative writing in spanish class is 3 students and its brilliant because we all fit in a cab and thus can people watch in cafes. (diego perrota, saw him on the streets)
reading chris columbus’ diaries.
-going through an intense calle 13 phase also with some nick drake peppered in there which doesn’t make sense.
-tango music is full of male competition, aggressiveness, violence, pride and occasional objectifying or celebrating of women. essentially, tango is modern day hip hop.
-i went to an argentine house party and it was stellar-magnificent. it was pouring rain but we danced anyways and we were sweaty and drippy and so happy. drinking quilmes and fernett and learning BA slang in a neighborhood that reminded me of nyc’s east village but less trendy and with more families. maybe more like an ignored part of brooklyn: working class, short brick buildings, cobblestones, graffiti murals, and families. carnival is coming up and there were people dancing, flailing in the streets in purple, yellow costume. girls who have nicknames like ‘la china’ and ‘coti’  introduced themselves and i love it so much. i realized, once again that pregaming is a universal trend: passing around a drink by a flagpole in a dark park is the scene for counterculture youth worldwide. the boys at the party had the euro-mullet going on, the girls with partly-shaved or fully-shaved heads, single dreadlocks dangling, bells or beads weaved into their hair. bohemian socialites. it was great and when i got home at 6ish, eating a banana with peanut butter, i couldnt help but contemplate how connected i feel.
(emilio renart. ink and white pencil)
-yesterday night me and sadye, sam, and rhoen had an amazing monday night. we went to ‘bomba del tiempo,’ a live-music event in a hipster/slightly sketch part of BA. it was a huge outdoor drum-circle-concert which happens every monday night. it is inundated with hippies and raucous early-20-something-year-olds dancing to about 20 internationally recognized drummers improvising for 2 hours while everyone dances and thrashes about and bounces and lets the drums and latin beats vibrate through us. it was incredible and exhausting.

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