plaid and forest: a big part of our generation. taxi drivers here in ba are really fun. they are curious and friendly and love talking and pointing out notable architecture we pass, practicing english, asking about my spanish accent. they are just nice people. when they drop you off at your apartment they wait outside to make sure you get int alright, and then they drive off saluting you a ‘goodnight’ with a honk-honk. mentioning to them that in nyc a cabbie will probably 98% of the time reply in a cold and straight-forward-uninterested tone to any questions asked, and essentially ignore you throughout the drive, they look at me in disbelief: “pero porque!?” truth be told, im not quite sure porque, senor, no se. anyways, im so down for kelly rae burns :  both her animals and portraits are awesome another new discovery is lucas foglia: he photographs and interviews “people who left cities and suburbs to live off the grid. Motivated by environmental concerns, religious beliefs, or predictions of economic collapse, [they] build their homes from local materials, obtain their water from nearby springs, and hunt, gather, or grow their own food.”. hunger gatherers. how crazy coollast night was fun because i needed to let loose after an exhausting interview in vicente lopez for ‘red de comunidades rurales,’ so we went to listen to live music. we went to a jazz club and then these local guys insisted they take us to an irish pub. they blasted “with a little help from my friends” as we drove by the obelisk and yelled the lyrics, windows down. at the bar we pretended to swing dance and sing along to the 50s tunes the band was playing and some argentine originals. non-imposing conversations with very talkative men and socializing and laughing a lot.

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