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flan porfavor

March 27, 2011

people are cooler naked zach hyman. at la cigale there was this really great euphoria experimental trancy electronic band but before them there was an indie buenos aires band and i had a crush on the drummer you know i always do. and then we went to a gay bar and there were flashing lights. miru kim’s got a new project where she takes nude self portraits in abandoned buildings around the world:

i like portenos. i went to the demonstration in commemoration of los desaparecidos and the 35 years since the dictatorship; a reminder and a protest that we will not let it happen again. there was such a vibrating political fervor and drums, flags. there were more than 30,000 people in la plaza de mayo. there were 30,000 people who were abducted and killed in the military dictatorship here from 1976-83.

i went to a blind play written by roberto arlt: la isla desierta. it was really impactful. it was in complete, terrifying, awe-inducing utter darkness and the actors are blind too. i felt so blessed to be able to experience such a performance: i felt everything, i heard everything, could smell everything described. the play took me to the streets of bustling shanghai, the rainforests and lagoons of madagascar. all my senses (sans sight, obviously) were completely heightened.


reading makes you a better person

March 23, 2011 it was so fun to see her live! yann gross:im going to ‘teatro ciego’ tonight where some of the actors are blind, some aren’t but the whole audience is because all the lights are off and we get to rely on all our other senses and it’s a roberto arlt play.

soy las ganas de vivir

March 19, 2011

“la lectura es una pereginaje”

reading is a pilgrimage. mark seliger. i miss chai tea a littlemassimo vitali


March 16, 2011

el unico pez que va con la corriente es el pez muertola cigale -french indie bar, ukelele and accordion and mojitos. lost-largest hip hop club in BA, all grinding and americans. two opposite poles in one night.

in the bosques de palermo sadye and i felt really philosophical. it was an afternoon after hours of downpour and the sun was finally poking rays as it was setting. it looked and felt like sunrise however. it looked and felt like 5.45 in the morning. we talked about why canada is more progressive, cleaner, (better?) than the US and why it minds its own business. while tracking their history, we realized the entire reason can be reduced to beavers and their silky fur. the french went to canada to trade beaver pelts, not to be independent, to break free, or to claim land exactly. that’s the why the US, (paradoxically) through it’s stress of independence and individuality is so intrusive in international politics. whereas canada, which wasn’t built on these types of morals, seems to be more serene and beautiful and just doing it’s own thing. just trading pelts you know

how many more years do you give humanity? did evolution fluke when it gave us large enough brains to destroy ourselves?

ive been feeling like cooking but i can’t really. i want to make orange marmelade, and pizza from scratch with goat cheese and eggplant, roasted red peppers, basil? i also want to churn my own butter and prepare my own sausages. i hope a year from today i can say i’ve made these 4 things.

the ecological reserve by puerto madero is really really beautiful. there are such tall reeds and cat tails (is that what they’re called?) and the river so near by. the sound of migratory birds and forest is fresh.(james aldridge)

since my dad’s here visiting he’s taking me out to eat a lot. amazing meat at la cabrera and melon cucumber gazpacho at social paradiso. dishes that have so-and-so reductions. you know that’s posh and probably good. oh and the onda vaga concert was really fun but we unknowingly were in a middle of a huge jumping pushing euphoria pit.

mate mate

March 9, 2011

you haven’t forgotten haiti have you?anna bjergermasao yamamoto; a new very worthy inspiration.i read this thing edward gorey said and it was along the lines of  “i understand why people are inspired by the 1960s. but i draw my inspiration from the 1860s” cool

into the wild

March 7, 2011
(mariela izurieta)

today i went to esther’s summer-home in maischwitz to celebrate her daughter-in-law’s surprise birthday party. it was so great. it’s beautiful there and dusty and green. rural and full of eukalyptus forests and streams and pampas-esque. it was a cottage-like house built by her parents and they had a small swimming pool we crowded around in. stray pups and little kids roamed around and they were so happy and i was too. i spent the entire day there eating and rinking and basking in the sunshine. everyone was so welcoming and relaxed. home-made empanadas from every guest, cakes of all sorts (esther had made an apple cake with walnuty crust and merengue top!). and we made margaritas and told stories and the sky was so blue. and then me and esther went on this long walk through the dusty roads and fields together and i thought ‘wow’. that’s the way to sum it up. (christian f)


March 3, 2011

gabriella barouch riikka sormunen. i feel like kissing. i had the best icecream everrrrrr in san telmo’s ‘nonna bianca’s’ last weekend. (i had a scoop of fig cream and a scoop of ‘special sambayon’ with walnuts. sambayon i think is rum, and it’s so good). san telmo is fun because it reminds me of the mediterranean with its cobble-stoned streets and stout buildings with garden roofs. today i went to a talk of one of the madres de plaza de mayo. it was remarkable and touching and horrifying to hear her story; her and her daughter being kidnapped because of accusations that they were ‘political subversives’ . her daughter got tortured and, killed. it was hard imagining it happening in argentina in the 70s; but tougher to realize that this is happening now as i type this, and as you read this, somewhere.