gabriella barouch riikka sormunen. i feel like kissing. i had the best icecream everrrrrr in san telmo’s ‘nonna bianca’s’ last weekend. (i had a scoop of fig cream and a scoop of ‘special sambayon’ with walnuts. sambayon i think is rum, and it’s so good). san telmo is fun because it reminds me of the mediterranean with its cobble-stoned streets and stout buildings with garden roofs. today i went to a talk of one of the madres de plaza de mayo. it was remarkable and touching and horrifying to hear her story; her and her daughter being kidnapped because of accusations that they were ‘political subversives’ . her daughter got tortured and, killed. it was hard imagining it happening in argentina in the 70s; but tougher to realize that this is happening now as i type this, and as you read this, somewhere.

One Response to “ddds”

  1. wosie Says:

    This makes me miss you even more and your global perspective-understanding this world and it fitting in your olaya-head. Tu me manques!

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